Whipped Body Butter

This experiment worked out much better and renewed my confidence in myself. It was so badly damaged after the shampoo incident.

I decided to make some whipped body butter because winter is coming and my skin asked me to try this one. I followed a recipe that can be found here:

Whipped Body Butter

Well, It smells like cookies, It makes my skin feel like a baby’s bottom, and it’s super easy to make. What’s not to love?

I also tried the same thing with shea butter instead of cocoa butter and added some lavender oil that worked out great too. It’s a slightly different consistency but not enough of a change that it shouldn’t be considered “Body Butter”.

Things you’ll need:

1cup of Cocoa Butter (or Shea Butter)*

1/2 cup of Coconut oil*

1/2 cup of jojoba oil (I used sweet almond instead because that’s what I had.)*

1) Over double- boiler melt coconut oil and your butter of choice until its all gooey and looks like popcorn butter, Add your Jojoba/Almond/light oil of some kind to the mix. Stir what your mama gave you. No really Stir it up real good with a whisky thing. My mother actually bought me the almond oil, so yeah…thanks ma.

2) Put in a bowl, I covered my bowl so the oils wouldn’t pick up the faint scent of the middle-eastern food smell that’s been stuck in my fridge for days. Leave in that fridge over night until its a solid chunk of white/yellowish stuff. The cocoa butter mixture actually solidified into something like the texture of a chocolate bar. The shea butter was a little smoother.

3) When you take it out of the fridge you might wanna break the mixture up a bit with a butter knife or something to make mixing easier (I’m taking about the cocoa mixture) I used a hand mixer for this part, just beat the chunks up until they form into the consistency you would like. That post says until white peaks form, well mine never formed peaks but it did whip up smooth enough. Remember to always Whip It good.

And here’s my finished product(s):please excuse my shitty camera

Cocoa Body Butter

Shea/Lavender Body Butta’

*Cocoa butter& Shea butter can be found online or at your local beauty supply store. And I got my oils from the supermarket I work at, but not all markets have these oils so don’t be surprised if you have to make a trip to a health food store. While you’re there pick me up some vegan cookies? After using the cocoa body butter I have a hankering for chocolate chips.

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